Technical Expertise Measuring up to Your Projects

With its engineering team, specialized operators, and cutting-edge equipment


Functional study, co-design, tool (molds, cutting tools), parts, and subassembly design.


Project management, comprehensive contracting.

High-precision Machining

Machining of individual parts and small series, up to 2 microns accuracy, with a quality finish and optimal responsiveness.

Specific Assemblies

Taking into account your production strategy and workstation organization, Comera designs and produces cutting machines, automated inspection machines, small volume packaging machines, special assemblies for welding, measurement, and precision assembly. It also provides on-site training for your teams.

Press Tooling and Technical Molds

Comera combines its high-precision techniques and mastery of carbide and special steel to design and manufacture your tools and molds. - Cutting, bending, and follow-on tools (up to 1000 strokes/min): up to 30 stations per tool, mastering 5-micron sets between punches and dies, band thickness from 0.02 to 2 mm. - Pressure injection, plastic shot, compression, and sintering molds for all materials (PEEK, PA, compressed and injected ceramics, sintered carbides, zamak): multi-cavity, tracks and sensors molding, support for development.














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