Mastered Expertise, Maximum Responsiveness


EFOP assists you with designing and optimizing your parts and mechanical assemblies, from selecting materials to defining machining modalities. It also fulfills, with the Group’s Design Office, your requests for more specific technical studies.


EFOP produces prototypes and machines parts by the piece, in small and medium series. It manufactures, among other things, your cutting tools, mold components, special clips, robotic components, electrodes, special parts, gauges, control meters, spare parts…


EFOP mounts your assemblies and sub-assemblies and offers a comprehensive service compliant with its commitment
to total support.














EFOP - ZI des Glaisins - 6 Rue du Pré Paillard B.P. 114 - 74941 ANNECY LE VIEUX Cedex- Phone : +33 450 64 00 21 - Fax : +33 450 64 02 62-